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What is my vision of where biomedical science is going in the next 10 years?

Today, context awareness seems to be in vogue in high-technology circles, whether it be the internet of things, deep-learning algorithms, or big data. Yet, context awareness (i.e., a very broad systems viewpoint) has been the mainstay in my fields of biochemistry and molecular imaging for years. What I believe biomedical science is poised to leverage in the next 10 years is a honed nimbleness and agility to recognize and act on unrealized, broad interrelatedness seen through a systems/high-context acculturation between


  1. new scientific discoveries across seemingly disparate disciplines;

  2. knowledge of the human existence biologically, behaviorally, and socially; and,

  3. economic and financial forces facing individuals, families, employers, medical device companies, pharma, payers, providers, and governments.

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