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3. Strategic partnerships to ideate, incubate, and gain broad buy-in of holistic, high-context solutions

I seek partners who broaden insights from stakeholders, patients, families, employers, medical device companies, pharma, payers, providers, and government.  I catalyze new partnerships with expert partners, who may be internal or external to the enterprise, to bring together individual subject matter expertise in behavioral, social, policy, and economic sciences to round out a systems view of new biomedical solutions.  I also pull from my experiences with innovation intermediaries (e.g., Edison Nation Medical, Innocentive, NineSigma) to deploy best practices for collaborative ideation and nurturing of technology.  Externally, industrial, governmental, and health system-related partners are sought to share their pain points to be solved, be test beds for solutions, and receive the technology from front-end innovation partners.  


My business development experiences help identify and facilitate licensing, investment, co-development, and acquisition opportunities for the enterprise and startups.    I also rely on my previous experience with the CAHS model and public-private partnerships in Canada and the US to enable partnerships that will help diffuse technology into the new world of healthcare that is transitioning from acute care to community care to the home.  

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